What Do Our Students Say?

"This program is not only about professional development, but about personal development and growth. The personal growth I have attained from the course is immense. Once you realize that, the cost is so reasonable. I have never felt so positive about my life and future as I do now!"
Chrissy Kraus, NP

"This class is not just for coaching clients. You will learn valuable life skills for personal growth and relational development."
Jennifer Reuter, RN

"The Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program has the ability to truly reform the way we approach health care in the near future. By challenging us to go through our own personal change project, my eyes were opened to the struggles that patients go through when trying to implement and sustain healthy behaviors. By developing this unique role of a clinician health coach, we can cause exactly the type of positive disruption that is needed in today's fragmented health care system. "
Justin Kirby, PharmD, NBC-HWC

"The program was everything I expected. It became as much a personal journey in growth as a professional enhancement to my current practice. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve not only personal satisfaction in work/life but to develop the skills necessary to assist patients in making sustainable change."
Janis Day, RN APRN, CNM

"At first, it felt like the course was written specifically for me to deepen my life experience. After learning health coaching techniques, I realized the course was written specifically for my patients to deepen the healing experience. Now, maybe both. "
K.F. Miller, MPA, RN

"Participating in the Health Coaching Program at Vanderbilt has been an outstanding experience. The expertise of the faculty was impressive and their willingness to answer questions and share their experience was really helpful. I felt very supported throughout the process and know that this program will have a strong impact on my career."
Nancy Brook, RN, MSN, NP

"This is an exciting area for the future of Health Care - a new approach in creating a truly client centered action plan."
Chris Kennedy, MSN, NBC-HWC

"As a health care provider with a graduate degree, I can honestly say that the Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program was the most influential, inspiring, and practical investment I have made for my career. The program is well designed, and the staff are prompt and helpful. The curriculum was very thorough, but also feasible to do while still working full time and finishing my graduate degree. This program has changed my nursing career 360 degrees. I feel confident that I can support my patients and clients to learn and sustain long-term, healthy behaviors that align with their personal values and strengths. This was NOT something I learned in nursing school. The personal change work I completed through the program is still relevant in my life two years later. Highly recommend this program!"
Melissa Long, RN, MSN, NBC-HWC

"Vanderbilt's Health Coaching Program was truly an amazing learning experience. The knowledge gained can have a tremendous impact in both personal and professional development. Having worked in healthcare for 25 years, this program reignites enthusiasm and hope by focusing on a holistic model for health and wellness. The instructors are passionate about health coaching and are readily available, making this such a valuable opportunity."
LeAnn Detherage, APRN-PMH, LPCC, NBC-HWC

"My experience in the Vanderbilt Health Coaching program was phenomenal. Upon entering this program, I was unsure of what to expect and was met with top-notch faculty, individualized attention and intensive mentoring all with university-level, quality instruction. The on-site components of the program and small cohort size allowed me to build strong relationships with fellow students and faculty. The positive regard and abundant warmth conveyed to students and among faculty provided a safe learning environment for personal growth and skill development. I highly recommend this program as a 'first-pick' for individuals looking to develop new skills and perspectives to apply in current clinical settings as well as individuals looking to move into new career paths as health and wellness coaches."
Katherine Costa, S.Psy.S., M.A., BCBA, NBC-HWC