Health Coaching Curriculum Plan

The Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program requires a significant amount of time, course work, and skills practice. The program is divided into two phases.

  • Phase I: An intensive 8-month educational program with over 25 online learning modules, peer discussion, and facilitated practice. In addition, there are:
    • Two Weekend Intensives that help deepen your knowledge and allow for real-life practice under the direction of our expert faculty.
    • The online and Intensive learnings are reinforced with bi-weekly practice calls with peer small groups. Several of these triad calls are faculty-led with live, 1:1 feedback. 
    • Coaching a standardized patient in a simulation lab and receiving personalized feedback. 
    • Complete a personal change project. You will share how the Health Coaching Process transformed your own life during the course!
  • Phase II, or Practicum: Each participant must complete at least 70 documented practicum coaching sessions and pass a practical skills exam for full completion of the program.
    • Trainees are allowed one year from the end of Phase I to complete the practicum coaching and pass the practical exam. However, most students complete Practicum in less time.
    • During the first 6-8 months of Practicum, participants will participate in at least five mentorship sessions and provide at least two recordings of their coaching for faculty and peer feedback.
    • More information regarding practicum coaching will be available once the course starts.

Have more questions? Reach out to Kelli, the VHCP Program Manager.

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Sample Curriculum Plan



Week 1

Module 1: Overview of Health Coaching

Week 2

Module 2: Patient-Centered Care- The Relationship

Week 3

Module 3: Foundational Health Coaching Skills: Active Listening, Reflecting, and Summarizing

Week 4

Module 4: Foundational Health Coaching Skills: Open-Ended Questions, Acknowledging and more

Week 5

Module 5: Motivation

Week 6

Module 6: Overview of the Health Coaching Process

Week 7

Module 7: Health Coaching Application: Individual Health Coaching Sessions: Introductory Session

Week 8

Virtual Intensive Preparation


Intensive Day 1: Friday


Intensive Day 2: Saturday


Intensive Day 3: Sunday

Week 9


Week 10

Module 8: Health Coaching Application: Individual Health Coaching Sessions: Session #2

Week 11

Module 9: Health Coaching Application: Individual Health Coaching Sessions: Follow-up Sessions #3 and beyond

Week 12

Module 10: Behavior Change Theory

Week 13

Module 11: Advanced Coaching Skills: Successful Coaching in the Clinical Setting: Precontemplation and Contemplation

Week 14


Week 15

Module 12: Positive Psychology: Gratitude

Week 16

Module 13: Behavior Change: Introduction to Neuroplasticity

Week 17

Module 14: Behavior Change: Motivational Interviewing

Week 18

Module 15: Advanced Coaching Skills: Shifting Perspective, Metaphor, and Powerful Questions

Week 19


Week 20

Module 16: Positive Psychology: Strengths

Week 21

Module 17: Cultural and Structural Competence in Health Coaching

Week 22

Module 18: Advanced Coaching Skills: Brainstorming, Bottom-lining, Interrupt/redirect, and Naming

Week 23


Week 24

Module 19: Health Coaching and Literacy

Week 25

Module 20: Self-Care

Week 26

Module 21: Health Coaching for Nutrition

Week 27

Module 22: Health Coaching for Physical Activity

Week 28


Week 29

Intensive Weekend Preparation


Intensive Day 1: Friday


Intensive Day 2: Saturday


Intensive Day 3: Sunday

Week 30


Week 31

Module 23: Regulation, Scope of Practice, Referrals, & Ethics

Week 32

Module 24: Advanced Coaching Skills: Energetic Intentions and Associated Tools

Week 33

Module 25: Research

Week 34

Course Exam

Week 35

Course completion (Modules, assignments, exam, projects, etc.)

Please email: for more information.

In order to keep the course up to date and provide the best possible learning experience, topics and dates are subject to change. The above is merely a sample course schedule. Trainees will receive full agendas upon enrollment in the program.

This activity is eligible for nursing continuing professional development contact hours; however, the number of hours is yet to be determined. 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nursing Education and Professional Development, is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation.