T.S. Harvey, PhD

Ford Foundation Senior Fellow
Associate Professor of Medical and Linguistic Anthropology

Topics: Anthropology, Community Health, Education and Training (Capacity Building), Global Health Diplomacy, Global Health Policy, Global Health Systems/Delivery, Global Water Supply and Safety, Implementation Science, Infectious Diseases, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Public Health, Refugee and Immigrant Health, Traditional Medicine, Misinformation, Public Health Communication, Risk Communication, Practitioner-patient Communication

Countries: Guatemala

With training in medical and linguistic anthropology, Dr. Harvey’s research and interests focus on expanding scientific partnerships, developing innovative technologies, and building local capacities to collaboratively tackle large-scale global public health and environmental challenges that emerge at the critical intersection of vulnerable populations, health disparities, disease, risk, environmental degradation, water, sanitation, and infrastructure.  The evolution of this trans-disciplinary approach is the product of over a decade of funded collaborative research, capacity-building work, and global engagement on a wide range of topics that include but are not limited to cross-cultural doctor-patient communication, language, and culture in global public health, waterborne diseases, enteric illnesses, disaster prevention, and relief, neighborhood approaches to risk reduction, crisis management, sustainability, resilience, and environmental protection.