John Paul Rohde, MD, FAAEM

Division of Global Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine

Dr. Rohde has interests in global health, education, patient experience, and medical ethics. He currently serves as the Director of the Division of Global Emergency Medicine whose 7 faculty and 1 fellow focus their efforts on a longstanding emergency medicine development project in Guyana, South America. In the Vanderbilt Adult ED, Dr. Rohde is the physician Director for Patient Experience, working closely with the Patient Relations team to advocate for patient centered care. Other projects have included his time as a Vanderbilt Stahlman Scholar for Bioethics and Society, during which his project explored the sources of moral distress in the hospital emergency department. He also served as a Master Clinical Teacher for the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Dr. Rohde is a graduate of the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt and then served as Chief Resident. After leaving Vanderbilt for Houston Texas where he combining the practice of community Emergency Medicine with an academic role as Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Dr. Rohde returned to Vanderbilt to join the faculty in 2005.