Eric Tkaczyk, MD, PhD

Director, Vanderbilt Dermatology Translational Research Clinic
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Dermatology)
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Topics: Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Informatics, Cancer, Clinical Trials, Dermatology, Engineering and Technology, mpox

Country: Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)

Dr. Tkaczyk is a physician-scientist with research interests in biophotonics for diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. He is a graduate of the MD/PhD at the University of Michigan, with PhD in electrical engineering from the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS). At CUOS, he overlapped with his academic grandfather Gerard Mourou, the 2018 Nobel Laureate who founded the lab.  Dr. Tkaczyk's post-doctoral training in medical device design at the University of Tartu was supported by Fulbright and Whitaker awards. Since 2016, Dr. Tkaczyk is the founding Director of the Vanderbilt Dermatology Translational Research Clinic ( He is active in the leadership of several conferences and international working groups related to artificial intelligence and dermatologic imaging technologies, which is his research focus. 

Expertise: Dermatology; GVHD; Clinical skin measurements; Sclerosing and inflammatory skin diseases; Stevens-Johnson Syndrome; Artificial Intelligence; Biophotonics; Noninvasive imaging; Intravital microscopy

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