World Health Week 2017

Program Details and RSVP links:

Monday February 20, 12-1pm, LH 202 - Flexner Student Deans' Lectures

  • Grace Fletcher, MPH/MA Candidate: “Integrating Anthropology and Global Health to Serve Latin American Populations”
  • Shilpa Mokshagundam, VMS III: “The (He)Art of Healing: Lessons Learned from an Unexpected Hospitalization"
  • Lunch provided

Monday February 20, 5:30pm, LH 412 - Evening Documentary Screening: The Interrupters

  • Award-winning film about the work of CeaseFire, a violence prevention initiative modeled after infectious disease epidemiology
  • Dinner provided

Tuesday February 21, 12-1pm, LH 407 - Panel: Ethical and Cross-Cultural Issues Encountered In Global Health Service and Research

  • Douglas Heimburger, MD, MS, Associate Director for Education and Training, VIGH; Professor of Medicine
  • Douglas Perkins, PhD, Professor of Human & Organizational Development, Founding Director of the Ph.D. Program in Community Research & Action, Peabody College
  • Conor McWade, MPH, VMS IV
  • Co-sponsored by VUSM Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Lunch provided

Wednesday February 22, 12-1pm, LH 208 - Flexner Deans’ Lectures: “Activating the Health Sector To Reduce Violence”

  • Charles Ransford, MPP, Director of Science and Policy, Cure Violence
  • Lunch provided

Thursday February 23, 12-1pm, LH 415 - Panel: Health and Healthcare In Global Conflict Zones

  • Carol Zeigler DNP, NP-C, Assistant Professor of Nursing 
  • Jeffrey Stovall, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Grace Umutesi, BS, MPH Candidate
  • Lunch provided

Friday February 24, 12-1pm, LH 411 - “Humanitarian Responses to Displaced Persons: Global and Local Initiatives”

  • Carol Etherington, MSN, RN, Associate Prof of Nursing Emerita, VIGH
  • Amy Richardson, MPH, Community Health Outreach Director, Siloam Family Health Center
  • Lunch provided

  Download Event Flyer Here: WHW 2017 image comp