Medical Students (MD)

Global health has become an inextricable component of medical, public health, and nursing practices. Demand is increasing for health professionals who can function competently in a global marketplace, who have research or service interests in health problems of developing countries, or who wish to address global manpower inequities through training or service.

From on-the-ground courses, clinical rotations, and research to on-campus student activities, VIGH’s global health offerings for medical students introduce students to key topics and concepts in global health including diseases, root causes, and both clinical and community-based interventions appropriate for low-resource settings. Past student projects span over two dozen countries where VIGH has established partnerships and include a broad range of topics in global health, from biomedical sciences and clinical investigation to socio-cultural correlates of health and health care delivery. Participation in global health research and training programs and other directed studies provides students with a foundation for future work as international clinicians, researchers, and public health workers.

For a quick summary of opportunities available to medical students, view our PowerPoint or Handout.

Nursing students, in addition to the information below, please refer to VUSN’s global health website.

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