Graduate Students

Global health is an interdisciplinary field that draws on expertise from a variety of domains, including education, economics, and business, to address complex health problems in low-resource settings. As such, all students are encouraged to participate in the various student events, programs, and courses that VIGH provides to learn more about this exciting field. From earning a certificate in global health to serving on the student advisory council, we hope that you will take advantage of the variety of professional development and learning opportunities that VIGH has to offer. Below you will find links to various organizations, events, and information that will help you learn more about global health and ways that you can contribute.

Nursing students, in addition to the information below, please refer to VUSN’s global health website.

VIGH has developed over 40 videos on numerous global health topics to help you learn more about working in health care delivery around the world. Click on this video to discover our global health video playlist.