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Managing Director


David Flaherty has been with the lab for over 12 years, recently becoming the Managing Director of the lab following the departure of Kevin Weller. He is experienced with most aspects of flow cytometric cell analysis, cell sorting, experimental design, and troubleshooting. He has assisted many researchers at Vanderbilt in developing their research and has played a significant role in growing the science of Flow Cytometry at Vanderbilt. Before joining Vanderbilt David worked for 3 years on multiparameter flow cytometry research projects at The Ohio State University. In Dr. Joanne Turners laboratory he focused his research on murine host mediated immunological response to M. tuberculosis infection. His research has included looking at activated T cells and macrophages from the lungs and lymph nodes of infected mice.

Scientific Research Core Facility Coordinator


Brittany Matlock has been with the VUMC FCSR for over 12 years. She is highly qualified in all technical aspects of flow cytometry. She has collborated with many of the researchers on campus and contributed at a co-authorship level on peer-reviewed papers. She is involved in all aspects of running the VUMC shared resource.

Core Research Assistant I

Laura C. Warren

Laura Warren joined our lab in February of 2018. Since joining our lab she as routinely performed the QC/QA process for our cell sorters and Analytical cytometers. Among other duties, she is responsible for operating our instrumentation and troubleshooting with our users. She is a valued member of our lab. Prior to joining our lab, Laura graduated Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Physiology and a Chemistry minor. Her undergraduate research was mainly focused on the invasive species, Daphnia lumholtzi. She worked on adapting the Comet Assay to that organism to look at endogenous DNA damage, and studied inducible morphological defenses in D. lumholtzi.
Core Research Assistant I
Rachel Gingerich joined our lab in July of 2018. Rachel has excelled quickly and is a valued member of our team. She is able to operate and troubleshoot our instrumentation and works with our users to accomplish their goals. Prior to joining our lab, Rachel graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelor of science in biology and a concentration  in microbiology and a minor in chemistry. As an undergraduate researcher and URECA scholar, she gained experience in DNA manipulation techniques. She constructed a plasmid to be used in the transformation of Armillaria mellea with a biolistic particle delivery system.
Core Research Assistant I
Olivia Murfield was hired in February of 2019 as a Core Research Assistant I. Olivia is responsible for the QC/QA for the analyzers. Olivia has recently taken over the instrument training responsibilities of our lab.
Scientific Director

James E. Crowe, Jr., M.D. Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology, Ingram Professor of Cancer Research, Core Director. Dr. Crowe founded the Vanderbilt Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Resource in the spring of 2003 and has directed the development and activity of the resource continuously since that time. His laboratory conducts basic research in immunology and cell biology.