Acknowledging VMC Flow Cytometry Core

It is critically important that the Flow Cytometry Core be acknowledged in publications in order to demonstrate to the NIH that the funding they support us with is being utilized as intended. Please remember this when submitting publications and use the following text to acknowledge the Flow Cytometry Core:

"Flow Cytometry experiments were performed in the VMC Flow Cytometry Shared Resource. The VMC Flow Cytometry Shared Resource is supported by the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center (P30 CA68485) and the Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center(DK058404)."

If you utilized a Starbrite grant (or any CTSA funding) to pay for your Core services please acknowledge this by using the following text:

"Supported in part by Vanderbilt CTSA grant 5UL1 RR024975-03 from NCRR/NIH"

If you would like to acknowledge individual members of the VMC Flow Cytometry Core by name please use these names where appropriate:

Scott Hiebert, Ph.D.

Eric Skaar, M.P.H., Ph.D.

David K. Flaherty

Brittany K. Matlock

Olivia X. Murfield

Emma McLaughlin

Please send us a reprint or pdf of your accepted paper so we can keep track of these acknowledgements and post your accomplishment in the lab. Thank you for your support and recognition!