Center Number Troubleshooting

Please understand that we have absolutely no control or ability to add or delete center numbers or associate a resource user to a specific center and not another. We can pass on some instructions we hope you will find helpful. For any questions regarding center numbers please contact the Office of Research directly.

To designate cost center or scholarship numbers available to a Resource User:

This designation must be initiated by the PI who is responsible for the center or scholarship number (or a designated Lab Manager/Assistant could do this on the PI's behalf).

  1. From the CORES Main Menu, select Maintenance Menu, then Resource User.
  2. A list of Resource Users currently associated to the PI will display. The right column shows the center or scholarship numbers currently assigned to each Resource User. Click on the Resource User's name to edit their available center/scholarship numbers.
  3. Designate the centers available to that Resource User by checking/unchecking the boxes on the left.
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page.