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Scholarship Policies and Activation Instructions

Contributing Center Contacts and Scholarship Policies


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You may use scholarship funds for any service that the Flow Core provides. We cannot pre-bill scholarships and deadlines for usage are determined by each respective Center.  Scholarships cannot be shared with other PI’s unless approved by the appropriate Center Administrator (see above). If a PI is granted approval to allow another PI to use their funds the original PI who first received the funds must schedule the appointments in CORES, we cannot schedule these appointments for you.


 Scholarships must now be activated by the PI or the PI's designee after being awarded. Scholarships will not be billable in CORES until this is done. Please follow these directions:

· Log in to CORES.
· Select Maintenance Menu (near top of page) >> Resource User Maintenance.
· A list of resource users associated to that PI appears, along with the authorized cost centers and scholarships for each. To add or delete authorization for a specific user, click on the Resource User name:
· Check or uncheck the box next to the appropriate scholarship or cost center numbers.
· Click Update.

This needs to be done for each new cost center or scholarship added to CORES.