Practice Cybersafe Communication – Part 3 of 3

Three ways VUMC is making your MFA enrollment easy

To assist with securing your personal information and VUMC data, VUMC Enterprise Cybersecurity and VUMC leadership have selected a multi-factor authentication solution that will be easy to use when you need to access your personal information in C2HR. As MFA expands to other VUMC applications, your personal information will stay protected with this additional layer of authentication against online attackers.

Beginning November 19, all VUMC employees will need MFA to access certain areas of C2HR. See the Enterprise Cybersecurity MFA webpage for more information.

VUMC IT wants the deployment of MFA to be convenient and easy to use for all employees. Here are three ways we are doing it:

The easy-to-use configuration assistant

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When enrolling in MFA, you will use the MFA Configuration Assistant.

The configuration assistant was developed by the VUMC IT team to ensure that your enrollment experience is seamless.

Enroll now using the MFA Configuration Assistant.

If you require assistance, call the Help Desk at 615-343-HELP/3-4357 and they can get you started.



It helps keep your information safe

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When you install the MFA software on your personal phone, you can rest easy that your personal information in C2HR is safe.

Additionally, it will never track your location or the data you have stored on your phone.

Further, the applications and sites you visit are not monitored. Instead, MFA allows for an extra layer of security when you want to access certain VUMC resources.

MFA protects your data and the data of our patients from cyber attackers.


MFA has choices for enrollment

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The MFA Configuration Assistant will walk you through your choices for enrollment:

If you have a smartphone, you can download the preferred MFA application.
If you do not have a smartphone, you can utilize short message service (SMS), a cell phone-based text message.
If you do not have a cell phone, a kiosk will be available to access your personal data in C2HR. It is located at 2525 West End Avenue at the HR Express Desk.
Some employees require the e-Token, a hard-token.

Note: Many VUMC departments have computers designated for employee access to VUMC Resources.


Instituting MFA will enable VUMC to significantly improve the security of applications and systems by strengthening authentication. The number of applications that will require MFA will increase as we deploy this critical technology more broadly in the coming months.

For questions, visit Download the MFA Info Sheet to post in your area. Come to one of our enrollment events for assistance.