Business Resilience & Disaster Recovery Contingency Planning


If you want information about planning for possible disruption to your IT services, or even an IT disaster, you are in the right place.

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How can I get help with my department's Information System Contingency Planning?

For information on Information System Contingency Planning, contact

Initiate a request to start the Information System Contingency Planning Process. Submit a Pegasus Request for Enterprise Cybersecurity Business Resilience Services and include Information System Contingency Planning in your description.

  • The Enterprise Cybersecurity Business Resilience team is responsible for setting VUMC Information System Contingency Planning policies, standards and guidelines and for helping VUMC departments develop, test, and maintain their Information System Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

    Our Business Resilience team is available to assist with:

    • Departmental assessment of requirements for IT system recovery
    • Departmental development, testing and maintenance of Information System Business Continuity Plans
    • Information Technology development, testing, and maintenance of Disaster Recovery Plans
    • Departmental testing and maintenance of Information System Contingency Plans

    Read more about the Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery Contingency Planning Policy.

  • The goal of Information System Contingency Planning is to establish documented plans to guide each department and IT support to respond, recover, resume, and restore business functions to a pre-defined level of operation following an IT system or service disruption. Key elements include:

    • An Information System Business Impact Analysis to assess the impact that an IT disruption might have on business-critical functions
    • A Business Continuity Plan to maintain business-critical functions during and following an IT service disruption
    • An IT Disaster Recovery Plan to recover business-critical IT services following an IT service disruption, at an alternative location
    • Periodic plan testing and review to ensure plans remain viable, staff are trained to use the plan, and documentation is kept current.