What is ransomware?

  • Ransomware is a type of malware sent by a cybercriminal, usually via a phishing email.

  • Once you click on the carefully prepared link, it locks down your computer until a 'ransom' is paid.

How will I know if I have gotten or received ransomware?

  • Your workstation will lockup and you should receive a pop-up on your screen similar to Figure A below.
  • Ransom is demanded if the form of 'bitcoin' or other virtual currency to get a decryption key and regain access.

How can I avoid ransomware?

  • Be aware of the emails you receive.
  • Be aware of the who the emails you receive are from.
  • Be aware of all links you click on.

What if I am the victim of a ransomware attack?

Call the VUMC IT/NTT Help Desk immediately at 615-343-HELP/3-4357.


Example of Ransomware pop-up

Don’t click on that link!