In any emergency calling 911 is always the quickest way to speak to a professional.

For mental health emergencies, the statewide crisis line is a 24/7/365 call system to help anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. All calls are routed to a trained crisis specialist within your area. The service is free.

Tennessee’s Statewide Crisis Line: 855-274-7471

When speaking with any first responder or reaching out for help, ensure that you emphasize that the call is regarding a mental health emergency and that you are seeking medical help, not arrest.

Lack of insight and awareness of the need for treatment frequently occurs in psychotic disorders. It is often difficult to understand the need for medication when one does not believe there is an illness or problem that requires treatment.

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Questions or information regarding appointment requests for the Vanderbilt Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic (VAPOC) can be addressed by calling the clinic: (615) 936-3555

For those with questions or potential referrals to the first episode psychosis team, please reach out to Taylor Gautier, LCSW at (615) 875 -1401. Referrals can be made by both professionals and individuals in the community. 

Individuals apart of the of the first episode psychosis team must be 18 or older, within their first two years of illness, live in Nashville or the immediate surrounding area, and be insured under a plan in contract with Vanderbilt Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic.