Relations between cell volume control, microfilaments and microtubules networks in T2 and PC12 cultured cells.


The possible relations between cell volume, microfilaments and microtubules networks have been studied in cultured mice fibrosarcoma cells of line T2 and rat pheochromocytoma cells of line PC12. The obtained results show that: 1. Changes in volume induced by application of hypo-osmotic medium are concomitant with a modification in the organization of the microfilaments network as visualized by immunocytochemistry. The microtubules lattice is not affected in these conditions. 2. Disruption of the microfilaments network by cytochalasin B causes a significant decrease in cell volume in isosmotic conditions. It also deeply affects the volume regulation response of cells swollen in hypo-osmotic media. 3. Disruption of the microtubules lattice by colchicine has no effect on volume in isosmotic conditions nor on the volume regulation that follows application of hypo-osmotic shock. The possible role of microfilaments in cell volume control is discussed.