In the News

2022       Vanderbilt Reporter November 04         Study explores possible drug target for neurological problems

2022       Vanderbilt Reporter November 04         Gene mutations impair gut barrier

2022       Vanderbilt Reporter April 16                    Transporter’s role in gut barrier

2021       Vanderbilt Reporter June 17                    New neurodegeneration culprit

2019       Vanderbilt Reporter November 15         Blueprint for treating epilespy

2018       Vanderbilt Reporter January 25              Study tracks sodium-potassium pathway

2018       Vanderbilt Reporter January 25              Directorships honor VUMC’s critical missions

2016       Vanderbilt Reporter August 12               New culprit in nerve degeneration

2015       Vanderbilt Reporter  May 01                   Team tracks how kidney responds to blood pressure meds

2014       Vanderbilt Reporter  October 10            Neuronal culprit in genetic disease

2012       Vanderbilt Reporter  November 30        Delpire named fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science

2009       Vanderbilt Reporter  April 03                   New tools for probing neuron chatter

2009       The Physiologist 52 (6): 221                      Tennessee Physiological Society Holds First Annual Meeting

2007       Vanderbilt Reporter  November 16         Volume control key to nerve survival 

2004       The Tennessean November 24                Hume-Fogg senior recognized in science contest

2002       Vanderbilt Reporter  October 11             VUMC team finds genetic cause of fatal nerve disease

1999       Vanderbilt Medicine Spring 2000            Probing Deafness