Julie A. Bastarache, MD

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine, Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine
Office Address
Vanderbilt Univeristy Medical Center
1161 21st Ave S., T-1215B, MCN
Lab Phone
(615) 322-4246

Dr. Bastarache is a physician-scientist with a mechanistic and translational research program in acute and chronic lung diseases including acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and bronchiectasis. Her diverse research approach uses a combination of cell, mouse and human models of lung injury and repair to define the fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate alveolar capillary barrier permeability in acute respiratory distress syndrome as well large clinical and genetic datasets to generate insights into individual variability in risk and outcomes from ARDS. She also has an interest in leveraging the EMR and novel phenotyping methods to identify and study subjects with underlying genetic causes of chronic lung diseases such as bronchiectasis with the goal of developing tools to help clinicians achieve a timely and accurate diagnosis.