• Why So Slow?; The Advancement of Women by Virginia Valian
  • Taking Women Seriously; Lessons and Legacies in Educating the Majority by Tidball, Smith, Tidball, and Wolf-Wendel
  • Shattering the Myths; Women in Academe by Judith Glazer-Raymore
  • Mothers in Academia by Castaneda and Isgro
  • Professor Mommy by Connelly and Ghodsee
  • Mama Ph.D.; Women Write About Motherhood and Academic Life by Evans and Grant
  • Academic Motherhood; How Faculty Manage Work and Family by Ward and Wolf-Wendel
  • Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women; Success and Sacrifice by Philipsen
  • The Different Women Make; The Policy Impact of Women in Congress by Swers
  • ​Success on the Tenure Track; Five Keys to Faculty Job Satisfaction by Cathy Ann Trower
  • Do Babies Matter; Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower by Mason, Wolfinger, and Goulden