Velez Edwards Lab

Our lab focuses on evaluating the genetic and environment risk factors associated with women's health and reproductive outcomes. We have an ongoing R01 to study the genetic determinants of uterine fibroids risk (R01HD074711, R01HD093671) and an R21 evaluating the role of race and ancestry on risk for keloids (R21AR067938). We also have a repository of biospecimens from participants in the Right from the Start pregnancy cohort to be used for genetic epidemiology studies examining uterine fibroid and the role drug exposures in adverse pregnancy outcomes. Our lab has significant expertise in fibroid epidemiology and genetics and next-generation sequencing (DNA and RNA sequencing). Below we describe some of our ongoing studies.

Collaborative Reproductive & Gynecological Work

Evaluating Race and Ancestry for Risk of Complex Disease

Genetics of Keloids in African Americans

Pregnancy Health

Uterine Fibroids