Pregnancy Health

Our lab has existing research projects focused on examining genetic risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes in a large epidemiologic pregnancy cohort. For these studies I am working with Right from the Start (RFTS). RFTS is an ongoing, community-based prospective cohort study with the goal of advancing knowledge about maternal and fetal health from conception to birth. Since 1999, RFTS has enrolled more than 6,000 women, 20% prior to conception, in order to study determinants of fecundability, miscarriage, spontaneous preterm birth, and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. Data have been carefully collected with regard to quality control and the data set has reached sufficient size to have good power to investigate additional important etiologic and clinically relevant questions. We have collected DNA samples from past and current RFTS participants and their children to ask new questions regarding the etiology of pregnancy and its adverse outcomes. Current studies include examining maternal nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) exposure during preconception and early pregnancy on risk for spontaneous abortion as well as studies examining environmental exposures on risk for spontaneous preterm birth. We have also developed multiple studies evaluating the role genetic determinants of adverse pregnancy outcomes using the BioVU DNA biorepository. Below are our publications related to RFTS and studies using other resources to evaluate adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Relevant Publications

Right from The Start

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Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Studies with Other Resources


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