Edwards Lab

We study the genetic determinants of complex human traits, as well as the evolutionary and genetic causes of racial disparities in human populations. We are actively involved in several international consortia studying human traits on a massive scale, and we routinely utilize world-class genetic data resources in our lab. We also create new data on a large scale from multiple NIH-funded projects, using both genome-wide arrays and next generation sequencing platforms. We have exceptional private computational resources, as well as broad access to high-performance cluster computing. We seek highly motivated students to join our team of postdoctoral fellows, professional staff, students, and faculty. We enjoy a highly inclusive team-based architecture, where most of the members of our group work together on large projects to achieve lab goals. An ability to work with others in an exciting up-tempo environment is essential, as well as the ability to function independently and lead projects. Supplemental training in statistics and computer science is available for students with less quantitative backgrounds. Opportunities are available for students in several large funded projects:

  • Large-scale genetic analysis of complex traits in the Million Veteran Program, UK Biobank, BioVU, and several large collaborating consortia
  • Analysis of thousands of whole genomes and exomes to discover genetic determinants for uterine fibroids risk
  • Analysis of a large genome-wide association study of clinical outcomes in a population of children at VUMC undergoing heart surgery
  • Analysis of thousands of whole exomes and genome-wide array data to study colorectal cancer and adenoma risk