Ayush Giri, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Office Address
2525 West End Ave
6th Floor, Suite 600
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Master of Science in Epidemiology, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology, Vanderbilt University

Research Interests

My research interests encompass a broad range of complex diseases/conditions across women’s and men’s health research with a particular focus on diseases associated with aging, racial/ethnic disparities and genetic predisposition. Recent endeavors include investigation of the role of obesity, race and ancestry, and genetic variation in relation to pelvic organ prolapse and uterine fibroids.  

I work with data from large cohort studies such as the Women’s Health Initiative, and clinical databases such as BioVU and actively contribute to consortium efforts such as GIANT, and CHARGE. Common themes across my interests include using cross-cutting methods related to epidemiology and genetics to characterize modifiable and non-modifiable determinants of disease risk. My work as a post-doctoral fellow will focus on utilizing these methods to investigate risk for uterine fibroids in women, and hernia formation in both men and women.

Keywords and Content Areas

Uro-gynecologic conditions, racial disparity, connective tissue disorders, pelvic organ prolapse, uterine fibroids, hernia, benign prostatic hyperplasia, genetic epidemiology, genome-wide association study