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The Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center supports three core facilities related to the conduct of epidemiological studies. We have developed several resources and tools to facilitate the research process. A VUnet ID and password are required to access certain resources.


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  • The Molecular Epidemiology Core Laboratory is led by Dr. Qiuyin Cai and provides laboratory services to support molecular and genetic epidemiological studies. Services provided include the following:

    • Biological sample collection
    • Biological sample processing
    • Biological sample banking
    • Biological sample aliquoting
    • DNA/RNA extraction
    • DNA/RNA sample banking
    • Sample requisition for banked samples
    • Genotyping
    • Gene expression analysis
    • Immunohistochemistry staining
    • Luminex and ELISA assay
    • Protocol development for biological sample collection and storage, genotyping, and biomarker assays
    • Other services that support molecular epidemiological studies

    Study consultations are available to discuss the needs of your project.
    For further information or service requests, please contact 
    Dr. Qiuyin Cai at qiuyin.cai@vumc.org
    or Ms. Regina Courtney at regina.courtney@vumc.org

  • The Epidemiology Statistical Core is led by Dr. Wanqing Wen and provides general statistical support for the research efforts of VEC investigators:

    • Study designs and power calculations
    • Management of the complex data sets produced by large-scale studies
    • Data analyses for ongoing epidemiology projects
    • Statistical programming
    • Statistical analysis consultations

    The primary data analysis tools are SAS, R, and statistical genetics packages. Study consultations are available to discuss the needs of your project. For further information, please contact Dr. Wanqing Wen at wanqing.wen@vumc.org.

  • Leadership Services Provided Survey Technology | Information External Links

    The Survey Research Shared Resource (SRSR) offers a wide range of research services available to support investigators at Vanderbilt University needing to conduct survey research. The SRSR provides services to Vanderbilt investigators related to the development and implementation of telephone, web and mixed mode surveys. The SRSR operates a telephone Survey Room with 15 workstations, which are open 7 days a week with shifts spanning both days and evenings. The SRSR is committed to the precise and excellent collection of survey data according to specialized research protocols.

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    The SRSR is led by  Dr. Martha Shrubsole, PhD, who is the Faculty Director and by John White , who is the Scientific Research Core Manager.

    Services Provided

    Assistance is available for all phases of survey research including survey design, sample selection, questionnaire construction, data collection and reduction, and the reporting of results. Specific services provided include the following:

    • Survey Design and Consultation
    • Project Planning
    • Development and Pretesting of Instruments
    • Development of Project Materials
    • Implementation of Survey Research Protocols
    • Project Management
    • Interviewer Training and Certification
    • Recruitment of Participants and Informed Consent
    • Telephone Interviewing
    • Tracing and Location of Participants
    • Management and Production of Mailing and Study Material Distribution
    • Web Surveys
    • Editing and Coding
    • Data Entry
    • Reporting

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    survey room entrance


    Survey Technology

    The SRSR utilizes the Voxco Command Center, a state-of-the-art centralized control system for multi and mixed-mode surveying and data collection, including Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interviewing (CATI) and Computer-Assisted-Web-Interviewing (CAWI). For CATI surveys, the system employs full telephony integration that includes dialing and audio/visual monitoring of calls.


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    Inquiry Information

    At this time, the SRSR can only consider accepting projects with a minimum of 250 surveys per year. For projects smaller than 250 per year, the SRSR can provide consultation services to your research team. Study consultations are available to discuss the needs of your project.
    For further information, please contact the SRSR Scientific Research Core Manager., John White, at 615-936-2662 or email  SRSR@vumc.org .
    If you would like to submit an SRSR Project Inquiry Form, please download this document, fill it out, and email it to John White at  SRSR@vumc.org .

    Survey Research External Links

    Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO):  www.aasro.org

    American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR): www.aapor.org

    Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) www.casro.org

    Survey Methods of the American Statistical Association (ASA): www.amstat.org/sections/SRMS/index.html