Patient Application and Referrals

Applications to be seen in the clinic are patient-driven, but require a referral letter from the referring physician who serves as their home medical team contact. Please discuss your participation in this program with your primary healthcare provider. See examples of Referral Letters.

Important considerations include:

  • This is a program with strict eligibility requirements.
  • Many cases accepted will NOT result in a diagnosis.
  • A referral letter by a healthcare provider is required.
  • You and the provider who refers you will be asked to provide your medical information.
  • The UDN will communicate the decision on accepting your case for evaluation in writing to you and your referring healthcare provider.
  • If your case is accepted for UDN evaluation, the UDN will provide information from the evaluation to you and to your healthcare provider.
  • Your healthcare provider will be responsible for your medical care after you have been evaluated in the UDN.

The UDN can only accept a small number of participants. The UDN team reviews each application very carefully to decide who can be accepted into the study. Even if you are not accepted, you might receive some useful feedback about your medical condition.

You can visit the UDN website to learn more about this research study and apply online through theUDN Gateway. All patients apply to the same national gateway. The clinical sites, including Vanderbilt, will be assigned applicants for review, but do not accept direct applications.

Website & UDN Gateway:

Phone: 1-844-746-4836 (1-844-Ring-UDN)
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. 5 p.m. EDT