Medical Center Staff Advisory Council - MCSAC


The purpose of the Medical Center Staff Advisory Council (MCSAC) is to serve as a forum for staff representatives in collaboration with senior leadership to address topics of concern, exchange information and enhance employee satisfaction with the ultimate goal of contributing to Vanderbilt University Medical Center's (VUMC) success. The MCSAC will conduct all business in alignment with and supportive of VUMC's Credo:

  • I make those I serve my highest priority
  • I respect privacy and confidentiality
  • I communicate effectively
  • I conduct myself professionally
  • I have a sense of ownership
  • I am committed to my colleagues 

The MCSAC responsibilities include supporting activities related to making VUMC a great place to work. In this regard, the Council has been charged to participate in various Medical Center committees that might impact:

  • Information sharing
  • Change and improvement
  • Community building
  • Job fulfillment
  • Recognition and engagement of staff
  • Safety and wellness
  • Employee satisfaction

MCSAC Charter

Click here to view / download the MCSAC Charter for information on:


Givens and Boundaries

Roles and Responsibilities

Standing Meetings and Committees