MCSAC Committees

The MCSAC has four standing committees. All committees will have a chair and will report on current activities at each MCSAC meeting. Membership on committees is a one-year term with no limit of serving consecutive terms. Each committee will set goals and report on progress annually. Responsiblities of four committees are outlined below; for more information about the Grants Committee, see the MCSAC Grants page.

Communications Committee

  • Gathering and publishing information to membership
  • Maintaining list of current membership
  • Maintaining the MCSAC website
  • Providing recommendations on improvements to communication

Events Committee

  • Coordinating volunteers when requests are made for council participation
  • Facilitating council sponsored activities such as Needles and Pins, Employee Celebration, etc. 

Rules Committee

  • Recommending changes to the MCSAC Charter, as needed
  • Overseeing selection of new members
  • Ensuring that activities are procedurally consistent with the Charter

Staff Life Committee

  • Investigating issues of staff concern through such means as surveying the membership
  • Researching issues of staff concern
  • Prioritizing the issues of staff concern 
  • Recommending for the Council's consideration a specific course of action when appropriate