Education and Training

Education and Training

Our Vanderbilt Spine Outcomes Lab provides opportunities for research and training at the undergraduate, medical student, graduate student, resident, and postdoctoral fellow levels. The scope of work for laboratory members includes learning and applying methods in epidemiology, biostatistics, data systems analysis, nationwide outcomes, claims, and administrative databases, and prospective cost-utility and cost-effectiveness. Members of the lab are expected to produce meaningful manuscripts that significantly contribute to the literature, in addition to writing relevant book chapters and grants for future work. Members of the lab are also exposed to novel technologies in the operative and rehabilitation care of spine patients and select spinal biomechanical studies.

Post-Doctoral Training

We currently have positions available for highly qualified post-doctoral fellows interested in comparative effectiveness and outcomes research as it relates to spine pathology. Interested applicants should have excellent written and oral skills as well as applied experience in biostatistics, epidemiology, and the design of clinical trials to participate in projects aimed at making progress towards understanding and treating various spinal disorders. 

MPH and PhD Graduate Student Training

Excellent dissertation project opportunities exist in our laboratory for health services, quality, cost, and outcomes research. Students currently enrolled in any of the Vanderbilt graduate programs are welcome to plan research rotations within our laboratory. Students in the MD/PhD program or graduate programs of Neuroscience, Epidemiology, Health Policy, or other programs are welcome to discuss research opportunities in the laboratory. 

Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Resident Research Fellows

Our laboratory provides opportunities for clinical fellows at the Neurosurgery or Orthopedic Resident training level seeking a research project in outcomes research. The laboratory provides one- and two-year research opportunities for residents. The research fellowship also allows collaboration and co-mentorship with the Vanderbilt Institute of Medicine and Public Health as well as the Center for Musculoskeletal Research. 

Medical Student and Undergraduate Research Internships

Year-long and summer research internships are available for medical and undergraduate students from Vanderbilt or any U.S. medical school. Medical students will learn and applying methods in data collection, database management, biostatistics, and manuscript preparation. Students doing a summer internship are encouraged to write and submit a peer-reviewed manuscript at the conclusion of their 2-month research internship. Students completing a year-long research internship are encouraged to complete and submit at least three peer-reviewed manuscripts and participate in a national research meeting via poster or platform presentation. Medical and undergraduate students will also gain exposure to the operating room to observe the various spinal surgeries that they are studying.

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