Welcome to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Shared Governance Website. Here you will find information, templates, calendars, and more put together as a reference and toolbox to support the Shared Governance program here at Vanderbilt. From our Unit, Clinic, and Department Boards to the Nursing Executive Board, our culture of Shared Governance supports the principles of decentralized decision making, shared accountability, and partnerships among all staff to deliver exceptional patient care, improve quality of care, and enhance work life. We are committed to helping direct caregivers have an active voice and participation in improving their professional practice in collaboration with their leaders. Our rich history in Shared Governance, framed by our Nursing Staff Bylaws first ratified in 1980, continues to grow stronger through our many opportunities for involvement. We hope you find our website informative and helpful in your journey with Shared Governance.

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Now What?

Congratulations on becoming a co-chair for your area board, council, or committee!  We want to welcome you to the Shared Governance Community here at VUMC and connect you with some of the great resources we offer. 

The column to the right has a few key steps every co-chair should take to get linked into our “must know” resources.  The first step of submitting your information to our co-chair database lets us know how to get in touch with you and ensure you are a member of our co-chair group, so don’t miss this one.

The Shared Governance Committee and Department are here to support you and your group’s efforts to impact patient care and professional practice through our Shared Governance Structure.  If you need additional help or consultation, we are here to work with you.  Always feel free to contact us. 


Your Shared Governance Committee Co-chairs

Corrie Berry, Past Chair    corrie.berry@vumc.org     

Anderson Bottomy, Current Chair  anderson.bottomy@vumc.org 

Ashley Ried, Chair Elect    ashley.ried@vumc.org

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