A biobank that stores your left over tissues after pregnancy (like placenta) and allows researchers to use the tissues and your medical records to make discoveries related to the health of mom’s and babies. 


Who are we?

We are a group of researchers who are dedicated to improving treatment for healthy births and preventing prematurity, diseases, and pregnancy related conditions. Project PLACENTA (PathLink ACquired gEstatioNal Tissue bAnk) is a biobank utilizes gestational tissues samples that would normally be discarded. 


Why is this project important?

Across the globe, more than 100 million pregnancies experience complications each year.

Tennessee is one of the states most impacted by these problems in the US.

We would like to understand causes of diseases in women and families during pregnancy and childhood. 


What can you do to help?

You can help researchers to understand how pregnancy issues affect the mom and baby long after the birth and reduce the number of complications during pregnancy for future moms and babies.


Are you pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future? Join our biobank! Click on this link to consent to allow your left over gestational tissues be used for research and improve research on maternal-child health. Your participation can help researchers study common pregnancy related issues like pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, improving the health of future mom’s and babies!

To view a PDF of our pamphlet click here, and read a PDF of our consent click here.

Click here to consent and join our biobank!

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