The OIHE has improved cultural competency and raised sensitivity and awareness at VUMC.

Our office has become an integral part of our institutional goal of making diversity and inclusion intentional. The OIHE is supported by internal and external grants and philanthropic gifts. We continue to drive institutional change by:

  • Educating and training VUMC's workforce
  • Systematically evaluating and measuring training outcomes
  • Sharing results

Thousands of employees have taken OIHE courses. Those trained include clinicians, house staff, staff leaders and front-line staff:

Unconscious Bias (May 2017 - January 2020)

  • Total trained: n = 2,719
  • 144 sessions conducted

Respect at Work - Eliminating Sexual Harassment (November 2018 - January 2020)

  • Total trained: n = 1,931
  • 47 sessions conducted

Quality Interactions (QI) since 2012

  • Total trained: over 2,000

Specialized Group Trainings

  • Total trained: over 2,500

Community Outreach Bias Training

  • Cumberland Pediatric Foundation (CPF)
  • TN Division of Family Health and Wellness

Early Childhood Initiatives: Home health visitors and supervisors

  • UT Extension Cumberland County: N = 100
  • Henry Horton State Park: N = 68
  • Natchez Trace State Park: N = 55

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

  • Leadership and Staff: approximately 150
    • Girl Scouts of America
  • Camp counselors and administrators: N = 150

Training outcomes and evaluation:

  • UCB pre/post test evaluation
  • UCB long-term follow-up Pulse Survey

OIHE student intern:

  • OIHE annual technical report
  • Training evaluation and assessment