Mission and Strategic Direction

Our mission is ...

To promote inclusion and equity for everyone receiving care from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. We seek to establish and maintain a welcoming, respectful environment by ensuring that faculty, staff and students receive appropriate education and training. This training will empower high-quality healthcare for all. Our mission aligns with the mission of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, and VUMC. They proudly serve patients and families from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Strategic direction 

Design for patients and families

We will care for people in a compassionate and personalized way, wherever they are, whenever they need us. We will iteratively redesign healthcare to touch our patients and their families continuously, whenever or wherever they need us, to address their needs within the flow of their daily lives.

Discover, learn and share

Our collaborative learning environment ensures that we remain nimble and distinctive as a national leader in biomedical discovery, health care and education. As we create new research capabilities and innovate systems of learning we will make discoveries of value and develop the people to lead transformation of healthcare. We will connect our academic medical center seamlessly to the world to benefit our patients, the communities we serve and the health ecosystem. We are transforming interventions away from a model in which we see people for the first time when they begin experiencing symptoms to one that detects, manages and perhaps eradicates disease before individuals even know they have them.

Make diversity and inclusion intentional

We will reflect the diversity of the populations and staff we serve in our teams, programs and communications; and be inclusive in our processes and decisions.

The OIHE supports and enables these VUMC goals and values:

  • Reflecting a collaborative and inclusive culture among the diverse populations we serve.
  • Encouraging and leveraging the diversification of our colleagues and teams.
  • Cultivating a welcoming environment so people of diverse cultures see themselves as part of the organization.
  • Deliberately integrating equity and inclusion into xour culture.
  • Providing resources and coaching to bolster academic and clinical units to enhance equity and inclusion in all activities.

The compass

Strategic Direction Compass
"The compass is one of our oldest devices to help us find our way. Even when conditions change, a compass lets us orient ourselves. It helps guide us home or to new destinations. That is why Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) uses the compass to describe our strategy for the future."