New Clinician Orientation

The VMG Learning/eStar Training and Delivery Department offers a comprehensive day and a half orientation for all new billing, patient care clinicians joining Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This orientation called New Clinician Orientation (NCO). NCO consists informational sessions and eLearnings that ensure all new clinicians:

  • Understand the mission, values and goals of the organization
  • Understand key responsibilities of their position and the impact it has on others
  • Receive essential knowledge regarding professionalism, safety, documentation and quality that will help them be successful in their clinical practices
  • Receive training on how to navigate through and use the basic clinical IT and EMR systems

The orientation provides new billing, patient care clinicians with the opportunity to become familiar with these topics prior to becoming immersed in their clinical practices allowing for the consistent practice of procedures across the medical center. The recommended timeframe for completing New Clinician Orientation is during the clinician’s first week of their hire date, but not later than 30-days after their hire date. Clinicians do not need to be credentialed in order to attend NCO.

  • NCO is split into three tracks.
    • Track 1 (Wednesday Only): Radiologists, Pathologists, and Anesthesiologists (including CRNAs). It is also recommended that radiologists, anesthesiologists and pathologist who bill/code, attend Day 2 of New Clinician Orientation. This would include critical care anesthesiologists, anesthesiologists working in the pain clinic, and interventional radiologists.
    • Track 2 (Wednesday and Thursday): Physicians not covered by track 1, PhDs providing clinical services, Advanced Practice Providers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Genetic Counselors, Audiologists and Fellows NOT part of an ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program
    • Track 3 (Thursday only) Clinicians who were in an ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program at VUMC, or who were a VUMC resident or VUMC fellow and transition to VUMC faculty within a year or less of completing their residency/fellowship, are required to attend the Thursday portion of NCO, which covers billing and coding.

In addition to NCO, eStar training is scheduled by the New Clinician Orientation Program Manager and should be scheduled within the clinician’s first week of employment. Clinicians require between 4-12 hours of eStar training prior to gaining access to the EMR. Please do not schedule clinicians to see patients until they have completed all required eStar training and are credentialed. Access to the eStar system will not be granted until all requirements are complete.

NCO is typically offered one-time per month from October-June and then multiple times per month from July-September. The schedule for New Clinician Orientation can be found here.

Advanced Practice Providers (NP, PA, CNM, CRNA, etc.) also have an additional orientation scheduled through the Office of Advanced Practice that is typically held on the Friday following New Clinician Orientation. New Clinician Orientation Program Managers are not affiliated with the scheduling of Advanced Practice Provider Orientation. Advanced Practice Providers will receive an email from the Office of Advanced Practice with information about their orientation. Additional information regarding Advanced Practice Provider Orientation can be found here.

Additional Information

  • FLSA Labor Laws require the following:
    • A clinician must be an active employee to attend orientation. They cannot attend prior to their start date. This is non-negotiable.
  • If a clinician is returning to Vanderbilt after being gone for more than 15-months, they will need to be oriented again, requiring participation in NCO.
  • Dr. Sternberg has requested that chairs and division chiefs not schedule their new clinicians to see patients until after they attend NCO when possible.


  • Clinicians that participate in an VUMC ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program, or who were a VUMC resident or VUMC fellow and transition to faculty within a year or less of completing their residency/fellowship do not have to attend day 1 of NCO.
  • Clinicians who are returning to VUMC less than 15 months after their termination date
  • Contracted NPs from Nashville General who come to VUH/VCH EDs solely for the purpose of consulting on assault cases do not attend NCO.
  • PT’s and OT’s are not required to attend New Clinician Orientation since they bill a procedural charge.

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