• What is Cutover? During cutover, we will move away from multiple existing systems to two new systems, Tecsys and Workday, for most of our key business tasks. Cutover requires moving data – so there will be some limitations on using our retiring systems and performing some activities. These limitations will help us minimize errors that would require “clean-up” after our Go Live date or having to do difficult manual processes to help us catch up on transactions.

    What does that mean for me? To make the cutover process smoother, we are reducing or limiting some activity in many of our retiring systems. For example, you might want to delay hiring a non-critical new employee until after April 2023 or avoid ordering new supplies in March if they are not essential for patient care. As a health system, we will pause opening new departments/clinics during periods where systems that support those types of activities are unavailable.

    We encourage you to review the information below to help prepare for this process. 

Cutover Activities - Updated 2/3/23
System or Business Process Date of Impact Activity Notes
Health System late January - end of August Some business activities slow down or stop during this period: -Clinical practice openings or acquisitions (changes that require Epic build); -Acquisitions/upgrades requiring IT support New locations/departments may tentatively resume in early summer 2023 (testing to begin mid-May).
Supply Chain/Tecsys 1/19/2023 MEOC regular scheduled meeting will move to electronic vote. Request approved in January will not be available for use until 4/17/23; MEOC 3/16/23 meeting will be delayed until 5/18/23; MEOC submission request portal will remain open during freeze period
Supply Chain/Tecsys 1/20/2023 Hold on creation of new locations or changes to existing locations Includes hold on openings/moves, new inventory/PAR locations for clinical areas, new ship to/deliver locations for POs
Supply Chain/Tecsys 1/27/2023 Hold on establishment of new suppliers No new suppliers created from 1/27 - 4/17/23
Supply Chain/Tecsys 2/3/2023 Hold on supply/ implant item creation New supply/implant item adds will not be created or available for use after 2/3/23
Supply Chain/Tecsys 2/28/2023 Last day to enter requisitions in eProcurement
Supply Chain/Tecsys 3/4/2023 Last day for departmental approvals of eProcurement requisitions
Supply Chain/Tecsys 3/21/2023 Last day for T&E card charges to post to Concur Any unsubmitted T&E card charges will have expense reports automatically created and charged to default cost center; reports will be auto-approved and processed
Supply Chain/Tecsys 3/22/2023 Last day to submit Concur reports New expense reports may be entered into Workday beginning 4/3/23
Supply Chain/Tecsys 3/24/2023 Last day for payments to suppliers from PeopleSoft Payments to suppliers will begin on 4/1/23 in Workday
Supply Chain/Tecsys 3/27/2023 Last day to approve Concur reports Unapproved reports will be auto-approved and processed. Expense reports will be approved in Workday post-go-live.
Supply Chain/Tecsys 3/31/2023 Pcards for February cycle (2/28/23- 3/27/23) must be reallocated and final approved by 3/31/23
HR 2/1/2023 No new job codes, departments, earnings codes created No core table changes in PeopleSoft, Taleo or CATS after this date. No new supervisory organizations (departments)
HR 2/10/2023 Restrict changes for existing employees  No pay rate changes, job code changes, or department changes for individuals not currently going through the recruitment process
HR 2/10/2023 Last day for departments to create a job requisition in Taleo Any requisitions that need to be created 2/11-3/17/23 must be coordinated with Recruitment; New requisitions may be entered by departments beginning April 2023
Finance 1/31/2023 No new ledger accounts after 1/31/23
Finance 3/15/2023 No new operational cost centers created after 3/15/23
Finance 3/22/2023 No new grant or capital cost centers created after 3/22/23
Epic 2/20/2023 - mid-May 2023 Certain Epic master files cannot be updated during this period, limiting a set of changes from being made in the production environment Billing areas for Department and Provider records cannot be created or modified; Facility and Department records cannot be created; Existing Facility and Department-linked groupers related to general ledger cannot be modified; Cost Centers cannot be created or modified; No new payments or adjustments to Hospital Billing; No new charges, payments, or adjustments to Professional Billing
Finance 2/19/23 No new GL allocations/pro-rates or changes to allocations/pro-rates Sponsored project F&A allocations will be added/updated for March month-end close as needed.
Finance 3/15/23 No new operational, grant, or capital cost centers created
Research & Grants 1/1/23 - 2/10/23 Modify earnings distributions (EDCs) by 2/10/23 to account for increased NIH salary cap Effective date cannot predate 1/1/23 but must be no later than 2/1/23.
Research & Grants 4/1/23 Final federal effort certification in ePac must be completed by 4/15/23. Final effort certification process begins in ePac on 4/1/23.
Supply Chain 2/28/23 Ordering critical or perishable medical supplies, including compressed gas Medical supply purchases may continue in PMM until 3/27/23. Lab animals may be purchased with Pcards. To order compressed gas: Depts call AL Gas with their account number; AL Gas will apply orders to current blanket PO on file; AL Gas will use this process through end of March.
HR 2/10/23 Last day to create new positions in PeopleSoft Any requisitions that need to be created 2/11-3/17 must be coordinated with Recruitment. New requisitions may be entered by depts beginning April 2023.
HR 2/10/23 Restrict future-dated transactions in PeopleSoft if effective date is after 3/26/23. Any transactions entered in PeopleSoft with a date after 3/26/23 will be removed from PeopleSoft and must be manually entered by department into Workday after 4/1/23 go-live.