New Release Features

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, Workday will automatically upgrade with new release features.  This twice-a-year upgrade will provide VUMC with the newest Workday features.  While many of the upgrades are 'behind-the-scenes' system enhancements, there will be some changes that will impact the user experience.

See below for important dates, information, and resources for the latest Workday Release.


Important Dates:

2023R2 Release date:  September 9, 2023

Change Network Meetings:

September 7th recording

Follow-up Q&A Session:

September 14th recording and slides


2023R2 Release Highlights:

Manager's Home Page

  • Important Dates: highlights upcoming dates for your team.
  • Team Highlights: allows you to quickly navigate to employee's page.
  • Quick Review: This button for managers in the "Awaiting Your Actions" section of the home page, allows review and approval of employees' time off and absence requests without having to navigate to their Workday Inbox.

Org Chart

  • Enhanced view of the Org Chart with larger Employee/Position cards and enhanced color contrast for easier reading and navigation.

Enhanced Requisition App

  • Update requisition details directly on the main app page.
  • Ability to save your requisition details in the app.
  • Search for templates when adding items from a template.

Real-Time Error Messages

  • An error message will now appear immediately when incorrect information is entered, alerting you of the issue to fix.  Currently, an error message does not appear until after you try to submit a form in Workday.