geri pact


The work plan includes coordination and collaboration on 11 specific quality improvement projects all based on rapid cycle quality improvement  (PDSA) within the six topical areas:1) ADRD caregiver support and education at Richland Place Health Center, caregiver support group training at community sites for Alzheimer’s Tennessee®, group caregiver visits, education and counseling at TVHS, and an Eldercare Coach Caregiver Optimization Program at AgeWell  Middle Tennessee; 2) Family Medicine residents education on substance use disorder, screening for risk of opioid misuse at Meharry Family Medicine Clinic and chronic opioid practice improvement at TVHS; 3) Advance Care Planning at VUMC Geriatric Clinic with a Medical-Legal Partnership, and public outreach and education on advance directives with Honoring Choices® Tennessee; 4) Reduction of potentially inappropriate medications (PIMS) in the TVHS Emergency Department (ED); 5) Reduction of all cause 30 – day hospital readmissions in a TVHS patient centered medical home model; and 6) Falls Risk Assessment and multifactorial assessment in a Meharry Family Medicine Clinic located at Knowles Home Assisted Living Facility.

Middle Tennssee Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program Projects:

  1. AgeWell Middle Tennessee - Eldercare Coach Caregiver Optimization Program
  2. Honoring Choices® Tennessee
  3. VA Geri-PACT - iHi-Fives
  4. VA Geri-PACT - Opioid Misuse
  5. VA Geri-PACT - All Cause 30-Day Hospital Readmissions
  6. VA Emergency Department - High Risk Medication Use
  7. Richland Place Health -  Center Caregiver and Staff Education Groups
  8. Alzheimer’s Tennessee® - Caregiver Support Groups
  9. Vanderbilt Geriatric Clinic Medical-Legal Partnership
  10. Meharry Family Medicine Clinic - Opioid Misuse
  11. Meharry Family Medicine and Knowles Home Assisted Living Facility - Falls Risk Assessment