Middle Tennessee GWEP 11 Specific Quality Improvement Projects

The work plan includes coordination and collaboration on 11 specific quality improvement projects all based on rapid cycle quality improvement (PDSA) within the six topical areas:

  1. ADRD caregiver support and education at Richland Place Health Center, caregiver support group training at community sites for Alzheimer’s Tennessee®, group caregiver visits, education and counseling at TVHS, and an Eldercare Coach Caregiver Optimization Program at the Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee

  2. Family Medicine resident’s education on substance use disorder, screening for risk of opioid misuse at Meharry Family Medicine Clinic and chronic opioid practice improvement at TVHS

  3. Advance Care Planning at VUMC Geriatric Clinic with a Medical-Legal Partnership, and public outreach and education on advance directives with Honoring Choices® Tennessee

  4. Reduction of potentially inappropriate medications (PIMS) in the TVHS Emergency Department (ED)

  5. Reduction of all cause 30 – day hospital readmissions in a TVHS patient centered medical home model

  6. Falls Risk Assessment and multifactorial assessment in a Meharry Family Medicine Clinic located at Knowles Home Assisted Living Facility.