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MCSAC Grants

Welcome to MCSAC’s Grant Application Funding process!  We are excited to receive your project for consideration. Over the years, MCSAC has funded countless VUMC projects to improve the lives of our patients, caregivers, faculty and staff.  In recent years, MCSAC has awarded grants to the following initiatives:

  • Bridging Families
  • Facilitating Environmental Safety in the Homes of Patients at Increased Risks for Falls
  • Project SEARCH
  • Pediatric Asthma Home Initiative

Grant Proposal

On the grant proposal, you will be asked to indicate the following:

  • Grant Aim (3 Aims total)
  • Overall proposal strategy, timeline, and impact

MCSAC will fund as many applications, as possible, but as funds are limited, we will be unable to accept any applications for projects or programs that exceed $1,000.

MCSAC grant awards may not be used for any of the following:

  • Routine department items
  • Renovation of physical facilities
  • Telephone services
  • Laboratory or office furniture
  • Membership dues
  • Professional subscriptions
  • Recruiting fees
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Computer equipment
  • Personnel salary support

Grant recipients must agree to come to a future MCSAC meeting and report on the project success and how funds were used.


  • March 27: Applications due
  • April 29: Award recipients will be notified
  • May 29: Grant funds will be disbursed

Click here to view/download the 2020 Grant application

Grant Committee

Special appreciation to this year's Grant Committee members who receive, review, score and award our grant applications. 

  • Camille Barkalow, Chair
  • LaKita Buchanan
  • Adelaide Vienneau
  • Eppiphanie Richardson
  • Deborah Trewyn
  • Marla Johnson
  • Coda Davison
  • Anne Axon

Vanderbilt Oncology Expressive Arts Program


We are so proud of this project and amazed at the longevity and impact this project has had on our patients, families and caregivers.

Every day, people of all ages are viewing, interacting with and adding to the wish trees-truly a beautiful sight! And, the committee has periodically had to clear some wishes off the tree to make room for more. There is still a tree at Gilda's Club Nashville and one in Radiation Oncology.

The Vanderbilt Oncology Expressive Arts Committee is so grateful for the support of the MCSAC for funding this project!

Allison Schaffer, LCSW, VICC

Click here to see the VICC Wish Tree funded by MCSAC.


Click here for more information on MCSAC's contribution to the EAP Hardship Fund