V-CORE: Vietnam Center of Research Excellence

We plan to establish a multi-institutional US-Vietnam-China partnership to plan and build a Regional Center of Research Excellence (RCRE) for NCD research in Vietnam. Our long-term goal is to establish a self-sustaining, high-impact NCD research and training center in Vietnam and to establish a large population-based cohort study for NCD research there. 

Xiao Ou Shu [Email]
Professor of Medicine, VUMC 

Shanghai, China; Hanoi, Vietnam

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Program Type

Research, Training or Education

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Global Health Topics

Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Education, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Systems, Non-Communicable Diseases, Policy, Public Health, Poverty

    Program Length

    Flexible, depending on the individuals interests and needs

    VU Affiliation

    The program is affiliated with Vanderbilt.


    The program does not have a language requirement.