VU Biomedical Photonics Seminar: Collaborative opportunities with the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health

Speaker: Dr. Sten Vermund, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health

Monday, January 26th 12:10-1 pm

Stevenson Center 5326

Dr. Vermund is a pediatrician and infectious disease epidemiologist who will present an update of activities in VIGH. These will include HIV/AIDS/TB control and prevention in Mozambique, nutrition and HIV research in Zambia, sickle cell work in Nigeria, respiratory viral diseases of infants in Jordan and Argentina, health services research to improve coverage and adherence for mothers and infants with HIV in South Africa and Mozambique, malaria in Zambia, and anesthesia services in rural African hospitals. He will make special mention of technical challenges confronted in the work of global health faculty of special engineering interest, particularly in the realms of diagnostics and telemedicine, and will reserve time for interaction with the audience to think through potential collaborative areas of mutual interest.