Mobile market provides medical information via smartphone integration

Health eVillages, founded in September 2011, provides handheld devices, such as iPod Touches or iPads to healthcare professionals in developing countries around the world. The organization recently announced that it will deliver medical education via smartphone devices to clinicians in remote and underserved areas.

The Kijabe Hospital in Kenya will be Health eVillages' largest pilot location. Mark Newton, M.D., F.A.A.P., Vanderbilt International Anesthesia Director, spends 40 weeks per year working at the Kijabe Hospital. The teaching hospital treats more than 10,000 patients monthly from across the African continent and regularly conducts training sessions for its 100-member staff.

Detailed medical knowledge from more than 40 different medical specialties, lectures from prestigious medical professionals and video learning tools will be provided via the smartphone devices.

Pilot programs have also been initiated in Haiti, China, Uganda and rural Louisiana.

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