Congratulations to the 2022 Graduate Certificate in Global Health Recipients

Each year, medical and graduate students prove that global health isn’t only about seeing patients. The work of improving healthcare requires work at all levels and across many fields. For this reason, the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health offers the Graduate Certificate in Global Health, an interdisciplinary program that draws students from across campus to study global health issues through the lenses of their field of study.

groupThis spring, five medical students and five graduate students representing the fields of economic development, business, and education will receive this certificate. Recipients of the Certificate have demonstrated to peers, faculty, and future employers that they are committed to addressing health challenges that stretch across borders and disciplines.

While Certificate holders often go on to work in international contexts, the program’s “global” emphasis encourages students to identify and address challenges that cross borders and span socioeconomic and cultural groups, including within the US. Through coursework that emphasizes research, group projects, and community partnerships, students in the Certificate program build skills relevant to various fields. By the end of the program, students report that they gain greater awareness of the social and structural challenges that impact health and the innovative thinking required to address these issues.



Join us in congratulating the following recipients:

  • Megan Croly (Graduate Program in Economic Development)
  • Kate Jensen (Graduate Program in Economic Development)
  • Nicole Kloosterman (School of Medicine)
  • Zi Wei “Alice” Liao (School of Medicine)
  • Mallory McKeon (School of Medicine)
  • Emily Morrow (Hearing & Speech Sciences, Ph.D.)
  • Sarah Pourali (School of Medicine)
  • Kia Quinlan (School of Medicine, Owen School of Management)
  • Dongying Tao (International Education Policy & Management)
  • Kehan Yu (Graduate Program in Economic Development)