2018 UVP Workshop: Cancer Research in Zambia


The UNZA-Vanderbilt Training Partnership for HIV-Nutrition-Metabolic Research (UVP) held a workshop entitled Cancer Research in Zambia: Programs, Progress, and Opportunities at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia on April 9-10, 2018. The purpose of the workshop was to address the science linking HIV and cancer to highlight research methods, and to expand the vision of research opportunities in the area. More than 80 faculty, students, and clinical staff members attended the workshop. 

Presentations were given by faculty members at the University of Zambia, University Teaching Hospital and the Cancer Diseases Hospital; by VIGH faculty and staff; and by Dr. Satish Gopal from the University of North Carolina Project-Malawi. UVP is led by Douglas C. Heimburger, M.D., M.S., Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, and Selestine H. Nzala, MBChB, MPH, Head, Department of Medical Education, University of Zambia School of Medicine. 

The UNZA-Vanderbilt Partnership is supported by National Institutes of Health grant D43TW009744.

UVP 2018: Cancer Research in Zambia