International epidemioloic Databases to Evaluate AIDS


The National Institutes for Health awarded VIGH a five-year grant in 2011 to serve as the Coordinating Center for the International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) research consortium. Comprised of seven regions, the network provides a rich resource for globally diverse HIV/AIDS data.

The IeDEA Network Coordinating Center (INCC) at Vanderbilt supports the advancement of the scientific agenda and fosters multi-regional collaborations within the consortium by:

  • Leading data harmonization and site assessment efforts through the standardization of clinical definitions, dissemination of quality assurance practices, and the creation of data management tools
  • Transforming the website into an online community of practice
  • Coordinating international meetings including investigator and working group communications

Mary Lou Lindegren, M.D., and Bill Wester, M.D., MPH, serve as the co-principal investigators.

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