Avante Zambézia (PEPFAR grant to provide Technical Assistance to the Mozambique Ministry of Health in Zambezia province, Mozambique)

This is a large CDC-PEPFAR-funded initiative entitled 'Avante Zambézia' ('Go forward' Zambézia province). Members of the team provide technical assistance in support of the scale-up and strengthening of comprehensive HIV services (including the provision of ART including ART for PMTCT) to HIV-infected persons residing in 10 of Zambézia provinces 17 districts. Avante Zambézia goals are as follows: (i) To expand HIV-related clinical services; (ii) To enhance clinical knowledge and skills among health care workers at health facility, district, and provincial levels to provide quality HIV-related care; (iii) To increase the quality and capacity of health care planning and management among health sector staff at facility, district, and provincial levels; (iv) To strengthen linkages between communities and the health sector in order to increase enrollment and retention of HIV+ patients; and, notably, and (v) To strengthen capacity of existing local organizations and to transition technical support activities over the project period.

William Wester [Email]
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

Maputo, Mozambique; Quelimane, Mozambique; Zambézia province, Mozambique

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Program Type

Research, Service or Mission Trips, Training or Education

Funding Type

Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants



Global Health Topics

Education, Epidemiology, Health Systems, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases, Maternal and Child Health, Non-Communicable Diseases, Nutrition, Public Health, Poverty


Undergraduate students; Graduate students (non-clinical); Medical students (MD); Nursing students (MSN, DNP); Post-doctoral students, residents, or trainees; Faculty members

Program Length

Flexible, depending on the individuals interests and needs

VU Affiliation

The program is affiliated with Vanderbilt.


The program has a language requirement (Portuguese).