Agricultural Decision Making and Adaptation to Precipitation Trends in Sri Lanka

Small-scale farmers in developing countries are among the most vulnerable to climate change. Our research aims to gain a better understanding of how farmers in Sri Lanka, in particular, are adjusting their practices to deal with climate change effects. Since 2010, researchers from Vanderbilt University's Institute for Energy and Environment (VIEE) have partnered with the National Building Research Organization (NBRO) in Sri Lanka to examine the connections between agricultural adaptation and climate change in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

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Josh Bazuin [Email]
Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and the Environment 

Sri Lanka

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Research, Training or Education

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Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Environmental Health, Policy, Poverty


Undergraduate students; Graduate students (non-clinical); Medical students (MD); Nursing students (MSN, DNP); Post-doctoral students, residents, or trainees; Faculty members

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Flexible, depending on the individuals interests and needs

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