Fall 2020 Above & Beyond Recipients

  • Jeremy Willis

    Core Finance

    Jeremy Willis is a member of the Finance team supporting MCJCHV.  Hospital leaders noted his collaborative spirit.  They especially appreciate is ability to present financial data in a manner that is clear and concise to those who are more familiar reading EKGs rather than income statements.   He saw a need to help nursing leaders improve their understanding of their financials.  Over the course of 5 years, the Chief Nursing Officer sees leaders with a better understanding of their departments’ financial status and attributes that to Jeremy’s commitment to educate others.    It’s no secret that Finance and Operations don’t always see eye-to-eye so it’s very impressive to hear the Operations side say this about Jeremy, “I can think of no one more deserving for this award.  There are those colleagues in your career that you will always remember as someone who makes a lasting impression and, for me, Jeremy is one of those people.” 

    Thank you, Jeremy, for taking initiative and going Above and Beyond to serve your customers and VUMC Finance. 

  • Camilla Larrieu

    Revenue Cycle

    Camilla Larrieu is a member of the Revenue Cycle team and has the uncanny ability to produce both successful collections and happy customers.   Her supervisor believes it comes down to Camilla’s presence.  The joy she possesses is palpable, and that joy along with her smile is shared with coworkers, patients, and families.  Along with joy, Camilla brings ingenuity, too.  She identified a gap in a process where scheduled patients were missing from a call list.  By identifying this gap, Camilla helped implement a process to improve patient verification and collections on estimate-for-future-admissions.  The new process has been in place for just over a year, and Camilla has single-handedly collected 21% of this revenue.  She is #1 in Admitting based on total collections in her department.  37% of revenue collected is attributed to Camilla.  

    Thank you, Camilla, for improving processes and for your dedication to positively serving our patients and VUMC.


    Ann Hartung


    This past year we found a lot of VUMC staff members Workin’ 9 to 5 in our homes rather than our cubicles.  That was not the case for CHIM’s Ann Hartung. Ann voluntarily moved her workspace to CHIM’s front door to complete daily temperature screenings for all those entering the Grassmere facility.  She took it upon herself to be the primary administrative support staff onsite answering calls from patients, vendors, and staff.  When remote staff needed equipment or supplies, Ann worked out a system to ensure orders were submitted and the items distributed so CHIM staff could successfully work remotely.  Ann is known as a “jack of all trades” by her CHIM coworkers.  It was no surprise to them that she rose to the occasion during the pandemic and became the sounding board for employees as she tirelessly resolved unforeseen issues and compassionately calmed fears.  Ann, thank you for stepping up during the pandemic to ensure your co-workers had a smooth transition to work-from-home and monitoring staff at Grassmere to ensure they were properly screened to minimize any risk.  You went Above and Beyond, and we thank you.

  • Tonya Givens

    Core Finance

    Tonya Givens may not always have the answer, but you can be sure she’s going to find the answer even if it means putting in longer hours.  That’s just one of the many positive things her coworkers on the Research Billing Compliance team had to say about her.  Working in Research requires the ability to adapt to change, and Tonya helps to guide change with a positive spirit.  This team works remotely, and Tonya exceeds at documenting details to ensure processes run smoothly.  She is always willing to help a coworker when unforeseen issues arise and will assist until she knows the issue is resolved.  Part of Tonya’s role is assisting research departments build billing grids to ensure research-related charges are directed to the appropriate party.  Her customers appreciate her guidance and unique ability to make sense of a complicated process.

    Thank you, Tonya, for going Above and Beyond and keeping our research studies billing process running smoothly.