Hospice Resources

Education and Resources:

Learning Exchange Modules (VUMC) - or search for 'Advance Care Planning' in VUMC Learning Exchange and click on the 'All' tab on the left. 

Hospice Scatter Bed Quick Start Guide

Hospice Scatter Bed Standard Work by Role 

Outpatient Hospice Packet

CMS Website for Hospice Options: www.medicare.gov/hospicecompare/. In the Location search field, type in the patient’s zip code or city, state and then click on search. Results will display in a new page and can be printed and shared with the patient to obtain desired agency. 

Key Contact Information for Frequently Used Hospice Agencies:

  • Caris Healthcare:
    • 1-800-Hospice
    • Liason Meredith Portwood # 865-776-1445
  • Alive Hospice:
    • 615-250-1348 (Intake Hotline)
    • Krista Bullington #615-456-5351
  • Avalon Hospice:  
    • 615-889-5995
    • Sandy Nahmias, Clinical Liaison
  • Amedisys:
    • 615-231-7113
    • Carla Winslett, Amedisys Nashville Director of Operations or Jennifer Ferguson, Clinical Manager