The Modern Mobile Workforce - Part 1 of 4

Three reasons why smartphones are working for us

Our traditional business day has transformed in recent years. An example would be your morning routine. Do you use an Alexa or other virtual assistant to wake up, check traffic, or play the morning news? Is getting dressed and having breakfast now accompanied by checking in on your mobile device or smartphone to get a head start on email, daily meetings, and other activities?

Personal technology has become an important tool for boosting our productivity and connectivity. In fact, more than 80% of us use smartphones and other devices. They are now an integral part of our daily lives.

If you left the house and realized your smartphone was still at home, would you return home to retrieve it?  For most of us, the answer is "yes!" because we rely on these devices to keep us connected with work and family. Their availability and convenience provide a world of information at our fingertips.

Here are three reasons why personal phones and devices are changing the way we work.

Smartphones have become an integral part of your day

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You are a part of the busiest workforce in history.

As a result, you demand a balance between your personal and professional life. Having a mobile device helps accomplish this.

The ability to bring your device to work and use it throughout the day is as much a part of your day as morning coffee.

Glancing at the soccer calendar, checking in on social media while at lunch, or managing your email during free moments help us manage our time and create that critical balance. 

Additionally, using a smartphone to access organizational resources has become a habit that makes it easier for us to get what we need, when we need it, anywhere.

You love to have the latest technology 

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Admit it. You love your smartphone. We all love our technology products and our appetite for the newest, greatest thing on the market is not slowing down anytime soon. 

51% of us replace our smartphone as soon as the newest model becomes available. Smartwatches and other gadgets are becoming more popular. Technology is getting smaller, faster, and more portable, and we want it as soon as we can get it. Clearly, most of love our personal devices!

You are more productive when you use your phone at work3rd Wednesday of every month (15).png

59% of organizations allow their employees to use personal devices for work purposes and this percentage is only growing. Do you feel more productive, efficient, and more connected when you use your phone to accomplish both work and personal activities while on the job?

Once again, studies find that the answer is, “Yes.” Another report found that more than half (53%) of employees feel more productive when they can use their own devices.

A Frost and Sullivan survey suggests that the ability to use personal devices while working saves us 58 minutes each day. That is a productivity increase of 34%.


The evolving mobile workforce has its advantages. We are more productive and more connected. It is also fun to use these devices. However, information technology and cybersecurity departments are painfully aware of the additional threats these devices can pose to an organization. Read our next blog, “Three ways your mobile device could be a risk to the VUMC network,” on Thursday, August 9.